The Exemplary Paediatric Surgeon Dr Saad Saad

Dr Saad is a medical doctor who has specialised in pediaitric surgery in Eatontown. He has been practicing medicine for the past 34 years. Born in Palestine, Dr Saad Saad was raised in Kuwait. He got his medical degree from the University of Cairo where he graduated with honors. He graduated second in his class after which he migrated to the United States 45 years ago after completing his internship in England. He then did his residency in the USA Board Certified specialized in pediaitric surgery. Saad has married 42 years ago and got two children. He has over the years performed very complex operations of children both infants and teenagers. He has also done eight medical missions in Jerusalem where he performed complex surgeries in my poor children.



Before Saad retired, he was the chief Surgeon-in-Charge and also the medical director of the K Hovnanian Children Hospital. In an interview with Idea mensch, Dr.Saad said that his mentor was Dr.H Biemann Othersen Who he says is the best pediaitric surgeon to ever be in the united states. Dr. Beimann trained Dr. Saad in become the pediaitric surgeon he is today in Charleston. He says the most valuable lesson that Dr Biemenn is that is very important to be kind, hardworking, and honest and also ensure that he treats all the children the same regardless of their race, religion or even physical abilities and financial status.



In the interview, he also stated that he is particularly excited about how the new trend in the medical field that is, genetic is affecting the ability of medics to prevent and also treat chronic disease such as cancer.Dr. Saad also emphasized that research is what makes him god at what he does.He also makes sure that he is very productive by ensuring that he is always organized. He said being organized will ensure that he gets his work done on time and avoids procrastination.



Dr. Saad Saad has practice medicine in very many areas. These include Monmouth Medical center and Jersey Shore University medical center. He has been in the medical practice for over 20 years. In his practice the doctor accepts different types of medical insurance. He has a list of different license from different boards which include: The American Board of Surgery, IA state Medical surgery, and the NJ state medical license. He has also gained several recognition and awards. He is now an AAP fellow and also ACS fellow. He was part of the doctor that made the publication about and he took ten years to complete that research. On that research it was 1001 pediaitric patients. He also took part in the presentation about “Which was mainly about blood cancer in children. Learn more:



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