The Trabuco – A Medieval Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Back in the middle ages, the world was a different place. Wars were a lot more common than what we see these days, and the way they were fought was a lot different. There were no machine guns, no bombs, and no missiles. In a world of crossbows, swords, and pikes; there was also a machine of mass destruction. This machine was the Trabuco, a large weapon used to destroy enemy forts and provide a long throw for projectiles to reach over the barriers and strike the enemy with great force.

The war machine

The Trabuco first appeared in China around the year 400 BC and eventually made its way to Europe where it appeared around the year 600 AD according to As it evolved, this war machine reached the ability to throw 300-pound projectiles with a reach well over 2,000 feet. Its uses were many and it was all destruction, in every possible way.

The heavy projectiles were capable of knocking down a building where an enemy took cover or easily destroy a wall to provide an entrance. When the machine was not used as an impact weapon, it was used as a biological weapon according to It has been recorded that infected corpses and carcasses were sometimes launched with the intent to infect enemies.


The mechanism

Weapons were very basic during the middle ages, but war machines were beginning to be invented and the Trabuco was a very powerful one. The smallest and early models were fairly small and able to be operated by a single person. As the Trabuco evolved, it increased in size and eventually became gigantic— needing dozens of men to operate a single one. The mechanics were very similar to what is seen in a catapult.

The Trabuco’s structure consisted of a huge frame with a balanced axle that connected in the middle at the very top of the structure. It was engineered to be able to turn gravitational energy into kinetic energy through balance. On one side, the axle held the weight and sat low due to gravity. The other side of the axle sat high up and was connected to anywhere from 7-20 ropes, each rope being handled by two men. When the ropes were pulled by the warriors, the heavy projectile balanced over to the other side; when the ropes were released the axle accelerated to the opposite side, launching the item thousands of feet at a very high speed.

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The Chainsmokers Talk About ‘Sick Boy’ and Stardom

The Chainsmokers are DJ Alex Pall and producer Andrew Taggart, who formed in New York City back in 2012. They broke out into the mainstream several years ago and created some chart-topping dance hits, won highly-coveted awards and performed at the Grammy’s. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have released a new single called “Sick Boy” and the EDM-pop duo explained what inspired them to write a song with surprisingly darker tones. Taggart shared that as a group, they used to put out a song almost every month and like to write what’s current in their world and what they felt at the time. After nearly a decade of not putting out any songs, the dark new single “Sick Boy” was simply a reflection of our society now and what was happening in their personal lives. The new single is set to be the first installment of a bleak new era for the Chainsmokers.

Andrew Taggart has explained that he wrote “Sick Boy” basically out of frustration and ire. This frustration stems from the things written or said about him from people that didn’t know him and the sad fact that individuals will think they relate to him from these stories. This had made Taggart feel like a ‘caricature’ of himself and the only remedy was to put all of his reactions and frustrations into the music itself. He jumped to a conclusion that everyone is just trying to relate to one another these days and expressing themselves accurately on social media has started to become very cryptic. The new track addresses what it’s like to live in our generation now, when social media is taken far more seriously than ever before. DJ Alex Pall excitedly revealed that the Chainsmokers will start collaborating with other great producers for their future work and it’s something that they haven’t done before.

Eric Lefkofsky Tempus Unicorn Funding

Eric Lefkofsky is a Chicago based serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. He and Brad Keywell founded Tempus in 2015. Tempus is a technology company that has built an operating system to battle cancer. Tempus redefines genomic data in a clinical setting. The centralized system allows physicians to learn from previous cancer patients and find more effective treatment options for their patients.

The startup is expanding rapidly by adding 30 employees monthly to its existing 400 employees. Six months after Tempus raised a $70 million round; it raised $80 million in new funding on March. The funding brings the company’s total amount increased to $210 million with new investors including Kinship Trust Company and T. Rowe Price, along with existing investors New Enterprise Associates and Revolution Growth.

“Tempus was born out of frustration with a health care system that too often let powerful data and real-world evidence go to waste,” said Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder and CEO at Tempus. “Given the breadth and scale of our current data set, we’re in a unique position to help usher in an era of precision medicine to support patients battling diseases.”

Tempus takes on cancer by gathering information on the patient’s clinical and molecular data and creating a repository cancer patients’ data in structured form. They generate molecular data by sequencing patients’ DNA and RNA to uncover more personalized treatment. This would help prolong the lifespan of cancer patients.

The company works in collaboration with cancer research hospitals like the Mayo Clinic, Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Michigan, the Cleveland Clinic, Duke University School of Medicine, the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center and Knight Cancer Institute at the OHSU. It currently works with nearly half of all Academic Medical Centers in the United States.

“I think the traction we have had with everybody in the industry has been kind of amazing,” Lefkofsky said. “We’re in the midst of one of the most significant paradigm shifts of our time.”

Clay Siegall Looks to the Future

Outstanding commerce and breakthrough medical advancements do not have to exist in worlds apart from each other. In fact, they can help each other throughout the years for decades at a time. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics is absolute proof of this being true. This all happens at Bothell’s Cascade Business Park.

To be more specific happens in three buildings make it their business to know everything about antibodies. The drugs that help human antibodies are at the heart of this organization’s purpose. It manufacturers such drugs that attach to antibodies and create therapy. It has held this purpose since the start year of 1998.

Siegall and his company Seattle Genetics has an ambitious goal to become a major prayer in biotechnology and the pharmaceutical business. It’s already has a lot to brag about with 10 billion dollars worth of value and a 900 employee roster. The but that’s not all this company has going. There are four drugs under its belt that can give the boost needed to Big Pharma status. The best of these is Adcetris, which treats Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Siegall is most vocal and optimistic about the study and field of oncology and where it take his company. His vision is clear. He wants to build an establishment acts as an institution instead of just selling out to the market. It is all about taking on more responsibility and having a global reach across genres. Switzerland is this good place to make the big move.

So confident and comfortable is Clay Siegall about his abilities to perform as a businessman, he shows the will to take on other companies to show them the way. He does have a reason to feel that way. His own company has sales into the multi hundred millions, and that is up from a 5 year span. That’s on top of the fact his stock has tripled in the exact same time. These numbers are not bad for a company that’s only 18 years old.

FIG Spans the World

The Fortress Investment Group has been around since 1998. Since that time, they have become a global force that is known around the world. Their highly diversified portfolio is the equivalent of $43.6 billion. These assets are estimated as of December 31, 2007.The Fortress Investment Group uses its wisdom to develop a broader range of strategies for investment in order to make as much profit as possible from liquid markets and private equity firms. They also offer traditional asset managing for those who want to go the conservative route.The Fortress Investment Group employs over 1500 specialists who are located in over 100 offices that span the globe. Each of them has a PhD in one of the following areas; investment management, alternative assets, private equity, liquid hedge funds, or credit funds. This means they are one of the most well-trained teams in the world.

Being the best all these different areas has allowed the For just Investment To become trusted by over 1750 corporations. These corporations trust the Fortress Investment Group to manage a large portion of their money.The Fortress Investment Group proclaims that it is able to sustain this kind of wisdom because they have grown based on several core competencies.The Fortress Investment Group says that asset-based management is one of their core competencies. One area that they excel in particularly is the area of real estate and capital investment. The Fortress Investment Group is one of the leading experts when it comes to managing real estate and find ways to finance and price them accordingly. This secures long-term cash flow for the institution. They also account industry knowledge as one of their highest core competencies. As was stated earlier, each of their 1500 workers has an advanced degree in one of five areas. On top of this, they are required to continue educating themselves so that they can become the most trusted investment firm in the world.

Their 1500 workers have created an investment portfolio these are professional relationships with secures cash flow on a daily basis to the Fortress Investment Group.The Fortress Investment Group is also able to proclaim operations management as another one of their core competencies. They have created a set of tools for assessing operations and their ability to do so has only become more refined over the years. They are able to take the most complex investment situation and still find a way to turn profit. This is often through investment arbitrage.The Fortress Investment Group is also one of the main consultants when it comes to merging or acquiring other corporations. Their experience here is second to none. They are more than capable of working with the board of directors as well as your shareholders to determine the correct structure the new company should take in order to execute the most positive impact on investments. The last area where they are the most efficient is in the area of acquiring various capital markets which keeps investment risks low.