Clay Siegall Looks to the Future

Outstanding commerce and breakthrough medical advancements do not have to exist in worlds apart from each other. In fact, they can help each other throughout the years for decades at a time. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics is absolute proof of this being true. This all happens at Bothell’s Cascade Business Park.

To be more specific happens in three buildings make it their business to know everything about antibodies. The drugs that help human antibodies are at the heart of this organization’s purpose. It manufacturers such drugs that attach to antibodies and create therapy. It has held this purpose since the start year of 1998.

Siegall and his company Seattle Genetics has an ambitious goal to become a major prayer in biotechnology and the pharmaceutical business. It’s already has a lot to brag about with 10 billion dollars worth of value and a 900 employee roster. The but that’s not all this company has going. There are four drugs under its belt that can give the boost needed to Big Pharma status. The best of these is Adcetris, which treats Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Siegall is most vocal and optimistic about the study and field of oncology and where it take his company. His vision is clear. He wants to build an establishment acts as an institution instead of just selling out to the market. It is all about taking on more responsibility and having a global reach across genres. Switzerland is this good place to make the big move.

So confident and comfortable is Clay Siegall about his abilities to perform as a businessman, he shows the will to take on other companies to show them the way. He does have a reason to feel that way. His own company has sales into the multi hundred millions, and that is up from a 5 year span. That’s on top of the fact his stock has tripled in the exact same time. These numbers are not bad for a company that’s only 18 years old.

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