The Chainsmokers Talk About ‘Sick Boy’ and Stardom

The Chainsmokers are DJ Alex Pall and producer Andrew Taggart, who formed in New York City back in 2012. They broke out into the mainstream several years ago and created some chart-topping dance hits, won highly-coveted awards and performed at the Grammy’s. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have released a new single called “Sick Boy” and the EDM-pop duo explained what inspired them to write a song with surprisingly darker tones. Taggart shared that as a group, they used to put out a song almost every month and like to write what’s current in their world and what they felt at the time. After nearly a decade of not putting out any songs, the dark new single “Sick Boy” was simply a reflection of our society now and what was happening in their personal lives. The new single is set to be the first installment of a bleak new era for the Chainsmokers.

Andrew Taggart has explained that he wrote “Sick Boy” basically out of frustration and ire. This frustration stems from the things written or said about him from people that didn’t know him and the sad fact that individuals will think they relate to him from these stories. This had made Taggart feel like a ‘caricature’ of himself and the only remedy was to put all of his reactions and frustrations into the music itself. He jumped to a conclusion that everyone is just trying to relate to one another these days and expressing themselves accurately on social media has started to become very cryptic. The new track addresses what it’s like to live in our generation now, when social media is taken far more seriously than ever before. DJ Alex Pall excitedly revealed that the Chainsmokers will start collaborating with other great producers for their future work and it’s something that they haven’t done before.

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