A look at one of Fortress Investment’s titans, Peter Briger

For a business to excel, especially in a crowded arena like asset management, it must come up with unique strategies that put it ahead of the others, and for this to happen, it must have a good management team. Looking at the current success of Fortress Investment group, there is no doubt that it possesses all these. Ever since its inception, its three principals continue to come up with strategies which have turned the firm into a leading light. The three, namely; Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, and Peter Briger utilize the strong risk-adjusted returns strategy which involves investing in areas that are considered highly risky.

For instance, ever since he joined Fortress Investment group, Peter has been heavily involved in the firm’s credit funds department, a sector which most investors tend to avoid due to the high risks involved. However, venturing into this arena has proven to be incredibly beneficial and has brought huge returns to Fortress. For example, Briger and his team successfully initiated a fund dubbed, Fortress Credit Opportunities IV, and effortlessly raised $4.7 billion for it. He has also helped expand the credit division team to about 300 employees. Thanks to leaders like Peter Briger, today Fortress Investment group oversees assets worth approximately $65 billion, and this figure continues to increase with each wake.

Even though the firm has had its shaky times, its good leaders have always been at the forefront of steering it out of the murky waters and into the good waters. It is thanks to this that their efforts continue to be rewarded handsomely. For instance, Peter Briger was ranked on the Elite Forbes magazine as one of the top 400 professionals of the year, a factor that saw him make an excellent name for himself and he also has a net worth of over two billion.

Peter Briger’s unmatched prowess can be attributed to his past experiences. Before joining Fortress, Peter had worked at Goldman Sachs &Co for a decade and a half. He specialized in undervalued and credit assets, a factor that made it easy for him to take over Fortress’s credit division.

Outside his career, Briger is heavily involved in charity work and sits as a board member and even director of various charity organizations. Together with two other Princeton alumni, Peter anonymously established a fund which was aimed at helping graduates from the facility set their path to self-sustenance by funding their startup ideas. He also sits as director of tipping point, a charity organization aimed at helping those who hail from poor backgrounds. Peter also supports Mother Nature which is why he contributed over $600 million for the conservation of New York’s central park.

Successes for OSI Group

Two recent articles from Chicago Patch highlight the success of OSI Group and its leadership. David McDonald is currently the company’s president and COO. He has over 30 years of experience just with OSI Group alone. He started out as a project manager straight out of college and quickly rose through the ranks. OSI Group is known internationally in the food industry. The company actually began as a humble butcher shop near Chicago.

Mcdonald also hails from the midwest, growing up on a farm and receiving a bachelor’s degree and in Animal Sciences from Iowa State University. He has made the company one of the most successful privately owned companies. He is still also highly invested in the midwest community. He has many philanthropic endeavors associated with ISU. He has played a significant role into the company’s expansion into China. OSI currently has facilities in 17 countries and is worth over 6 billion dollars. He believes the best business decisions are made by those that have direct contact with the customers and communities they serve.

Sheldon Lavin is the current CEO of OSI Group. He is committed to ensuring that OSI is a leader in sustainable food production. Their history of using cutting edge technology will assist them on this endeavour of sustainability. OSI has always prided itself on being an innovator in the food industry, Lavin has managed the company in some capacity since the 1970’s. He has always focused on how OSI could lessen its burden on the earth. This type of management has led the company to receive many awards in sustainability. To Lavin these type of awards are the hallmark on success in the field sustainability. OSI spends quite a large amount on money on research and development for more sustainable food production practices. This makes it a leader in the market of sustainability.

The Future Has Arrived For Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education has built a successful charter school network for more than a decade from its base in San Jose, California. The not-for-profit organization has faced criticism from those who are resistant to the evolution of the U.S. education system. One of those who decided to take aim at Rocketship Education and the wider network of the charter schools was NPR blogger, Anya Kamenetz who based an article on the Rocketship Education model. Media and journalism experts have stated the article published by NPR was deeply flawed as it lacked the balance expected from an internationally respected news outlet.

Rocketship Education CEO, Preston Smith found himself unhappy with the view of his own charter school network and the wider range of educational institutions on offer across the U.S. The charter school network began with a single class in a San Jose Church hall which has grown to 13 locations in California, Tennessee, and the District of Columbia. San Jose was known as the gateway to the U.S. for those immigrants arriving from South and Central America chasing the “American Dream.” During their time as educators in San Jose Public Schools, Smith and fellow Rocketship Education founder, John Danner saw this gateway closing to minority groups.

In his response to the article from NPR, Preston Smith explained his belief in the charter school system and its growing popularity across the U.S. Rocketship Education is just one of a number of charter school networks across the nation the NPR article took aim at, with Smith stating he was unhappy the article did not provide any evidence of why the charter school system is continuing to grow in popularity. One of the major complaints about the Rocketship Education model in the article from NPR was the problem of classroom behavior and management. Preston Smith points to former Secretary of Education and Uncommon Schools charter school head, John B. King Jr. who often tells of his own problems managing behavior during his time as a full-time educator.

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Check Investment Offers Legitimate Opportunity

Matt Badiali is pushing the freedom checks initiative, but many hesitate to join him because of the uncertainty involved. What is a freedom check? This question is being asked a lot and researched online. The possibility of a big return investment is always luring, but are freedom checks a bit return investment? The answer to this riddle comes in the form of an understanding for certain parts of the natural resource market.

What is being discussed inadvertently in Badiali’s videos is an investment in a MLP. Master limited partnerships are legitimate investments that can be made in companies. Many natural resources companies operate as MLPs because it brings a lot of profit with it. The profit comes from the generation of capital, and a significant tax break afforded the company because of its MLP status. Investors can cash in by providing the capital a stake purchase generates. This gets them a seat at the table for a healthy portion of future percentage pay outs. They are not the ones cooking, as controlling interest stays in the purview of the company itself. But they get to feast on the profit none the less.

According to a tax statue MLP companies have to allocate the majority of their profit to investor payouts. These are called return of capital payments, or according to Badiali freedom checks. The companies have to dispend 90% of their profit in such payouts, leaving a measly 10% for taxes. This is great for the company as it saves them much revenue, it is also great for the investor because the percentage goes into their pocket. This means monthly to quarterly payouts delivered to investors for the life of the stake they purchase. A great opportunity to grab cash. Badiali’s expertise in the natural resource market led him to this opportunity, and Badiali is all about sharing investment opportunities. This is why the guru is plastering the airwaves with ads advocating for freedom checks.

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Vijay Eswaran Shares Tips to Become Successful in Business

There are many entrepreneurs that are surfacing in Malaysia in the past few years, but one of the Malaysian entrepreneurs that are known across the globe for the success he has achieved and his business ideologies is Vijay Eswaran. Born and bought up in Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran is of Indian origin. The father of Vijay Eswaran was in the Ministry of Labor in the Malaysian Government and thus, had to travel extensively for his job. It also led to the nomadic life for his family. So, Vijay Eswaran completed his schooling in intervals from different schools across the country. After completing his schooling in Malaysia, he decided to complete higher studies abroad and joined the London School of Economics, where he completed bachelors in socio-economic.

Vijay Eswaran moved to the United States after completing his graduation in London to do MBA. It is during this time in the United States where he worked for the Synaptics for a while, where he was introduced to the binary marketing. Later on, he moved back to his home country and a company named Cosway Group approached him to handle their newly opened MLM business in the Philippines. It is how he got serious about the MLM business and chose to start his own MLM Company instead. The QI Group of Companies has become highly popular in the countries it operates, and its business operations have expanded wildly in the last few years.

Vijay Eswaran has always wanted to help young entrepreneurs, and it is the reason he writes blogs for them. In one of these articles, he discussed the importance of facing your fears and not letting it stop you from achieving your dreams. He feels that fear is nothing but excitement and when one is determined, there is nothing that can stop them.

Jeunesse Using M1nd Nutritional Supplement to Enhance Mental Health

We are in a world where mental challenges have become the order of the day in our various medical facilities. We have gone further to establish state of the art psychiatric facilities in almost every part of the country in a bid to counter the effect of the increased number of people experiencing mental challenges. Conditions such as Alzheimer, Dementia, stress, and depression are so familiar such that they have been highlighted as some of the leading causes of deaths in the developing countries. M1nd is a product developed and sold by Jeunesse that is focused on improving the state of mental health of individuals.


M1nd is a product that has been developed through the adoption of eastern medicine technology that is mostly adopted from traditional eastern medicine. M1nd is a dietary supplement that boosts your mental status such that you will not portray the normal mental behaviors of an old person who does not remember most of the activities. The product is made of silkworm cocoons which means that it is made up of several protein chains that are essential to enhancing the lives of an individual regarding mind and focus. One of the essential features of this product is that various clinical tests have scientifically proved it.


One of the benefits of using M1nd for your mental health is name recalling. It has been highlighted that many individuals with memory problems cannot recall the names of various individuals. Despite remembering the names of individuals, you will also increase your concentration and focus. This will be very useful to people who conduct multiple activities for a more significant period such as in classrooms or lecture halls. You can also focus on undertaking some serious issues such as accounting tasks among others. M1nd is one of the best products that will eradicate some of the mental challenges and enhance psychological functioning.


About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is an organization that offers some of the market leading skin care products and nutritional supplements. These products have been provided significant help to people with skin challenges such as premature aging aspects; black spots and fine wrinkles. The company has significantly grown to the point where its products are selling in more than 133 countries within a short period.