Is OSI Food Solutions The Better Solution in Food Services

OSI Food Solutions, a global food provider, is worth billions of dollars because of its many high-quality services. You are looking at a company that has a specialty for producing a boat-load of food as well as a specialty for handling the entire process of logistics. The logistics process can make or break a business, especially if it’s in the food industry. These food retailors will undoubtedly lose money if their products aren’t shipped on time. Since a high-majority of food retailors don’t produce their own foods, they’ll have to hire food providers to affectively handle this side of the business. Here is where OSI Food Solutions enter the frame. OSI Food Solutions take the stress away from the client by successfully handling this process in a thorough manner. In addition to that, OSI can handle processing, management and sourcing.

This company has truly gone global, and it epitomizes this term to the highest degree. OSI has up to 65 factories and facilities. In China alone, the company has at least 10 facilities. China’s upward-growing economy has benefited greatly from OSI. This foodservice juggernaut has been conducting business here for over 20 years, and it’s now the leading poultry producer. OSI has built a mega-plant in China’s Henan Province, and it has joint-venture deals with numerous Chinese companies. “China is a real focus of ours, and this place has the largest growing consumer market,” said David McDonald, president of OSI.

At OSI Food Solutions’ Spain location, a high-capacity production line was instituted to enhance the productivity needs of the market. This high-capacity production line has more than doubled the company’s productivity of chicken and beef. It is moves like this that has turned OSI Food Solutions into a huge success, and there will undoubtedly be more moves like this in the future.

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Dr. Saad Saad Memorable Achievements at the Palestine Community

Dr. Saad Saad is a famous Pediatric surgeon based in America. He was born and raised in Kuwait. He is a graduate of medicine from the University of Cairo. He later moved to the United States of America to advance in his career. He took a residency in the pediatric surgery and then was later certified by the board.

Dr. Saad Saad is a very talented pediatric surgeon and was approached by Palestine Children’s Relief Fund where he served as the doctor since 2002. The organization was looking for a severe doctor who would perform the surgery of a 15-year child who had critical gunshots wounds. The doctor was able to deliver a complicated operation which was a success. Learn more about Dr. Saas Saad:

He has been able to perform other subsequent surgeries that have been very successful of late and has been able to change the lives of many children. He was even able to achieve a diagnosis process for the youngest child suffering from an aneurysm. The process was able to stir global respect for the doctor across the whole world.

The doctor was able to perform several surgeries across Palestine and was involved in helping people who suffered from various disorders. Dr. Saad was able to help the disadvantaged in the society.

People who could not afford medical help were able to benefit from his mission. He has been able to make several trips to the country to help the poor access better medical care. He has also managed to train young skilled surgeons and have played a huge role in boosting the economy of Palestine.

Dr. Saad Saad was able to develop two significant inventions in his career which had significant impacts on the medical fraternity. He was able to design a device that can track the location of a catheter inside the body without the use of a scanning machine. The other method was a functional system that works very well with an endoscope. Read more:

Dr. Saad Saad has been honored because of his exceptional commitment to the industry. He has been able to receive several awards in his career because of his immense efforts aimed towards helping the Palestine community.

The famous pediatric surgeon has been able to help so many people achieve tremendous health improvements through advanced innovation.

He has been on philanthropy missions several times to help people with special needs and cannot afford money for treatment. He is also believed to be a down to earth person who respects his profession.

He treats all people, and that is a gospel he has been spreading to young practitioners. He has always cautioned them against ignoring the disadvantaged in the society. He has ever worked towards helping everyone in the society access better healthcare.

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Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon
When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad

Randal Nardone, Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is the founder, director and the CEO of the fortress investment group. He incepted this company in 1998, but he took over the role of the company’s CEO in 2013. In his capacity, he oversees the operations of this firm and particularly the credit corporation wing. Randal attended the Boston University where he graduated with a degree in law jurisdiction. Later on, he processed to the University of Connecticut where he studies biology and English. After his studies, he worked with various entities before he established the firm that he is running today the fortress investment group.

Randal on the List of Billionaires

Following his devotion and passion for achieving excellence, Mr. Randal has been able to accumulate some significant amount of wealth, and this has positioned him as number 557 on the list of billionaires. However, his ability to deliver some of the most outstanding service products does not entirely depend on his academic pursuit rather than his expertise and skills having worked with various entities. Precisely, Randal Nardone studied the legal matter and excelled. However, instead of sticking to the legal affairs, he decided to venture into entrepreneurship where he had developed interest while still studying law. This way he has contributed incredibly to the growth and development of the fortress investment group to see it to its current stand.

Randal Nardone Experiences

Before he started his career at the fortress investment, Randal Nardone had served in various capacities where he earned significant expertise and skills that have helped him to run fortress in a unique way. Some of these positions include the Florida east coast holdings, one-main holdings among others.

Under his leadership, a fortress investment holding has made some of the most significant strides toward offering satisfactory and incredible customer services. In his position, Randal also serves in various boards of management running wide ranges of companies. He also stands as one of the most remarkable leaders and great role model for other established and upcoming leaders as well. While he has helped this firm emerge a trendsetter in the investment niche, he has other great strategies that are underway to improve its operations.


Sheldon Lavin Is The CEO Of OSI, A Very Successful Executive Who Has Expanded Internationally

Sheldon Lavin made not be the CEO of a company like Apple, Cisco, or IBM, but he has forty plus years in charge of OSI. OSI headquarters, which is located in Aurora, Illinois, was ranked in the top 100 wealthiest American-based food companies. OSI Group is a corporation that is recognized for its high level of quality and excellent business track record in many categories involving food. As Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has helped propel his firm to one of the top 100 American food companies in the U.S.

In 2016, OSI and Sheldon Lavin made several purchases of food-related businesses. In June 2016, OSI procured the Tyson Food plant. Sheldon Lavin’s firm bought this Tyson plant, which is located in Chicago for $74 million. A spokesperson for OSI noted that this Tyson plant, which involves a 200,000-square-foot locale, is situated in the Back of the Yards. OSI’s spokesperson also stated that the Tyson’s Food plant is close to OSI’s other facilities in Chicago, Illinois. This location is also very close and convenient for many of the employees, managers, and additional staffers at OSI.

Sheldon Lavin also made essential business deals to supply their beef to famous hamburger chain, McDonald’s. When McDonald’s decided to choose four beef suppliers during McDonald’s overhaul during Sheldon Lavin’s early tenure, OSI was able to boost its business and ride the wave of success along with McDonald’s. And as McDonald’s expanded internationally, so did OSI.

In addition, Mr. Lavin also once held the role of Chairman of the food company, Amick Farms. Lavin and OSI purchased this American poultry firm in 2006. While Lavin was the CEO of OSI Group, he and his additional executive team agreed to buy Baho Food in August 2016. The acquisition of this Dutch company was a crucial part of their corporate strategy by Sheldon Lavin and other executives like David McDonald, to bring this Dutch business into the fold to add more presence to Europe.

Included in this purchase of Baho Foods was a number of processing plants situated in both the Netherlands and Germany. The five subsidiaries companies that were involved in the Baho Food’s deal included Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Henri van de Bilt, and Gelderland Frischwaren. These five subsidiaries under Baho are essential food services situated in Europe. These subsidiaries support important food business networks located in 16 nations.

Betsy DeVos Is Doing Big Things For The U.S.

Betsy DeVos is best known as the current Secretary of the United States Department of Education. While she might not be publicly polite, she’s certainly a heavyweight fighter for what she believes in. But how?


Let’s find out, but first – let’s learn about where she comes from.


About Betsy DeVos


Elisabeth Dee Prince was born in Holland, Michigan in 1958 to parents Elsa and Edgar Prince, the latter of which was a highly successful businessperson. Her father, Edgar, is best known as the founder and longtime operator of Prince Corporation, a manufacturer and supplier of automobile parts.


Betsy – as her parents called her – went to a private school, Holland Christian High School, after which she attended Calvin College in the nearby town of Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Three years after graduating college – she earned a bachelor’s degree in business economics in 1979 – the current Secretary of Education became involved in the state of Michigan’s Republican Party. From 1986 to 2016, she served the Michigan Republican Party as one of a handful of local precinct delegates; in other words, she was elected to 16 two-year terms consecutively.


Betsy married wealthy businessperson Dick DeVos in 1980.


Understanding who Betsy DeVos is today


Many news media source and users on social media tend to think that DeVos hasn’t done much for the causes she supports. However, virtually everyone from the Michigan Republican Party knows all too well that Betsy DeVos has consistently stood true to her values in the name of opposition.


Thanks to the billions of dollars that Betsy and Dick DeVos have at their disposal, most of the causes Betsy – and her husband, too – has stood for over the years have been backed by hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars that she’s put forward.


Even though DeVos had virtually no experience in education, rapport with current US President Donald Trump, or in positions of governance outside of the time she spent with the Michigan Republican Party, she’s steadily climbing the rope of accomplishment here in the United States.


While with the Michigan Republican Party, Betsy DeVos has consistently voted to pour tax dollars into charter schools and their private counterparts. Charter schools, if you didn’t know, are funded by public funding but are controlled by private organizations that are not directly involved in public schools.


Something else that Ms. DeVos has fought hard for over the years is the funding of private school vouchers. These vouchers are randomly awarded to households that have school-aged children that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford private schooling. Much opposition for these vouchers comes from two directions: these vouchers go to religious private schools, thereby tightening the relationship between church and state; further, some people believe that funding from the greater public should only go to public schools, which give greater opportunities to society at large as compared to only giving certain people a better shot at going far in life.


Either way, DeVos is certainly doing her job and keeping things under control.


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GoBuySide: The Best Talent…As Needed

The financial industry today is experiencing growth in markets all over the world.
And the need for flexible talented people for both short and long term positions has never been greater. However, there also is an increasing trend to consider candidates in various locations since many projects can be worked on remotely. But how does a financial company quickly find the most competent people in a sea of resumes for time-sensitive assignments?

GoBuyside can provide a solution. State-of-the-art applicant sourcing software and tracking systems are used to access applicants across a wide range of online social media sites and job boards. Candidates from all over the world, with a wealth of diverse experience and skills, are collected in our database of 100,000+ people. GoBuyside’s experienced associates constantly compile, refine and update data on applicants to find the best possible fit for a client’s needs. The firm knows its client base well too, and collects a large amount of data on each firm it does business with. This information is available to candidates when evaluating available positions so they can make better career decisions and be more confident at interviews.

Both clients and candidates benefit from GoBuyside’s thorough analysis of candidates, companies and industry trends. A survey was conducted by the firm of 300 pre-MBA candidates who were recruited by GoBuyside before they started their first assignment. They were asked to rank the criteria they valued most in their job search. The results reveal that firm prestige (45% ranked it 1 or 2) was more important than compensation and work-life balance.

It’s important to note that many in GoBuyside’s network of candidates do not have MBA degrees and many clients do not require them for today’s more diverse financial and investing firms.

GoBuyside is a firm founded in 2011 and is headquartered in New York City. It specializes in recruiting candidates from its extensive global network of clients and candidates for temporary and permanent positions. GoBuyside has placed people at numerous financial entities such as hedge funds, investment banks and consulting firms. The firm has over 400 clients and has placed candidates in over 50 cities around the world.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel: A Celebrated Doctor from Florida

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a physician from Tallahassee, Florida who specializes in emergency medical services. Patients who require immediate attention are the ones being treated by Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, and he stated that time is essential when you are in the emergency department. The doctor also gives those who suffered injuries that are in critical condition immediate care, and they are also provided with a list of medication that would enable them to recover fast. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel had spent years serving at the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, and he stated that as long as the public needs a doctor who would be looking after them during emergencies, he could not retire. The services that he provides encompasses different medical specializations, including but not limited to trauma handling, heart distress, fractures, and other similar illnesses and disorders.

Because of his contribution in the field of medical, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been awarded multiple times during the span of his career in the field of medicine. He received numerous licensures and certifications highlighting his effort in saving the lives of patients who are in the emergency room. These organizations that gave him the recognition are also the leaders and the influencers in their respective field. They stated that someone like Dr. Eric Forsthoefel deserve recognition because his works significantly influence other doctors in the country who are now putting a lot of emphasis in emergency medical services, saving thousands of lives in the progress. The celebrated doctor can showcase his medical procedures to be witnessed by the organizations who have granted him the award. They are saying that through years of practice, other doctors will be able to perfect the kind of treatment that he provides to his patients. He also expressed his gratitude to everyone who had helped him throughout his medical journey, saying that he would not be as skillful as he is right now if not for the training that he went under when he was still starting in the medical field.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel graduated from the prestigious University of Louisville School of Medicine, and he is one of the best students in his batch who graduated in 2012. After he finished his studies, he started taking up courses that would help him with his new career. He wanted to focus on becoming one of the best doctors in the country, and after he graduated, he immediately took up his residency. Throughout his career in the field of medicine, he has witnessed all types of injuries and disorders that need immediate action, and most of the patient that he managed to help are thanking him for saving their lives. His patients are also saying that he is an approachable doctor, who is ready to help anyone who will encounter medical problems.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel continues to receive a lot of patients because he is being advertised by those who have already experienced his treatment. They are saying that he is one of the best in the medical industry, and those who need emergency treatment should come and see him.