Betsy DeVos Is Doing Big Things For The U.S.

Betsy DeVos is best known as the current Secretary of the United States Department of Education. While she might not be publicly polite, she’s certainly a heavyweight fighter for what she believes in. But how?


Let’s find out, but first – let’s learn about where she comes from.


About Betsy DeVos


Elisabeth Dee Prince was born in Holland, Michigan in 1958 to parents Elsa and Edgar Prince, the latter of which was a highly successful businessperson. Her father, Edgar, is best known as the founder and longtime operator of Prince Corporation, a manufacturer and supplier of automobile parts.


Betsy – as her parents called her – went to a private school, Holland Christian High School, after which she attended Calvin College in the nearby town of Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Three years after graduating college – she earned a bachelor’s degree in business economics in 1979 – the current Secretary of Education became involved in the state of Michigan’s Republican Party. From 1986 to 2016, she served the Michigan Republican Party as one of a handful of local precinct delegates; in other words, she was elected to 16 two-year terms consecutively.


Betsy married wealthy businessperson Dick DeVos in 1980.


Understanding who Betsy DeVos is today


Many news media source and users on social media tend to think that DeVos hasn’t done much for the causes she supports. However, virtually everyone from the Michigan Republican Party knows all too well that Betsy DeVos has consistently stood true to her values in the name of opposition.


Thanks to the billions of dollars that Betsy and Dick DeVos have at their disposal, most of the causes Betsy – and her husband, too – has stood for over the years have been backed by hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars that she’s put forward.


Even though DeVos had virtually no experience in education, rapport with current US President Donald Trump, or in positions of governance outside of the time she spent with the Michigan Republican Party, she’s steadily climbing the rope of accomplishment here in the United States.


While with the Michigan Republican Party, Betsy DeVos has consistently voted to pour tax dollars into charter schools and their private counterparts. Charter schools, if you didn’t know, are funded by public funding but are controlled by private organizations that are not directly involved in public schools.


Something else that Ms. DeVos has fought hard for over the years is the funding of private school vouchers. These vouchers are randomly awarded to households that have school-aged children that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford private schooling. Much opposition for these vouchers comes from two directions: these vouchers go to religious private schools, thereby tightening the relationship between church and state; further, some people believe that funding from the greater public should only go to public schools, which give greater opportunities to society at large as compared to only giving certain people a better shot at going far in life.


Either way, DeVos is certainly doing her job and keeping things under control.


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