Talkspace CEO, Oren Frank Hires a Chief Medical Officer

Talkspace has been serving customers in the United States for some time now. The organization was started by Oren Frank, and it is meeting the needs of clients with a lot of ease. As the founder of Talkspace, Oren Frank has numerous responsibilities. The businessman has to take care of the tough decisions in the company, and he also has to ensure that the company meets the expectations of the customers who come from different parts of the globe. The institution focuses on offering people with a mental health condition some therapy through the use of video chats. Just recently, the company chief executive announced that its organization was getting serious with its activities, and it had taken the decision to hire a chief medical officer. With this experienced professional on board, the institution will reach more customers and partner with more companies.

The chief medical officer who joins Talkspace is Neil Leibowitz. Oren Franck chose to hire this experienced professional because of so many reasons. First of all, he has been working as the senior medical director in the prestigious UnitedHealth. Neil took his position in the new company last month, and he is already bringing the kind of change every employer wants to see. Talkspace has been putting in a lot of effort in its operations in the recent times so that it can build most of its enterprise activities. The company CEO is very excited about the kind of progress the company has been making, and he is also looking forward to accomplishing more in the recent future.

Oren Frank and his company have been using social media platforms to discuss some of the mental problems that are faced by company employees in the recent times. With the numerous challenges in the market, people who own companies must start to hire the services of companies such as Talkspace so that all the company workers can remain happy and more productive. Oren Frank uses his Twitter account to discuss the many mental issues facing people and how they can eliminate them if they want to remain happy at all times. Oren Frank has been in the medical profession for a long time, and he is highly experienced.


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