A Focus on Organo Gold

How Organo Gold Got Its Start

Organo Gold is a company that was founded by Bernardo Chua. Bernardo Chua had been working in network marketing for several years, and he wanted to be able to establish an amazing coffee product and use a network marketing method to sell it. In 2008, Organo Gold was established. Shane Morand co-founded the company along with Bernardo Chua. Chua also partnered with Li Ye; Li Ye founded the Xianzhilou Biology Research Center in Fujian, China. This is a research center that is constantly checking the best  quality coffee of Organo Gold coffee in order to ensure that it is fresh, safe, and healthy.

What Makes Organo Gold So Unique

There are multiple things that makes Organo Gold unique. The first thing is it’s coffee selling model. Organo Gold uses a direct selling model. With this model, independent sellers are able to move up in the company as their revenue increases. Apart from that, the company offers several benefits to it’s direct sellers. Organo Gold makes a coffee product that is unlike any other on the market. The coffee that Organo Gold makes is made with unique and certified Ingredients. These high quality ingredients contain ganoderma lucidum. This is an amazing mushroom that is used to make a highly potent herb. This mushroom has antiviral components, and it also is able to improve common health problems. This coffee is wonderful tasting and it is good for health.

How Organo Gold has Grown

Organo Gold has done extremely well since its inception in 2008. There are hundreds of millions of bags of coffee that are sold every year, and Bernardo Chua has been able to capitalize on this amazing market. Organo has coffee that is of the highest quality, and this company delivers it directly to it’s happy consumers.

Wes Edens And Nassef Sawiris Are Investing In Aston Villa’s Future

Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris are investing capital into Aston Villa Football Club with their company, NSWE. The former owner, Tony Xia, will now stay on the board and become the co-chairman. He said Wes and Nassef are strong partners and they are fighting to bring the club success. The EFL approved the transaction and the parties involved are working towards getting all required confirmatory approvals. Aston Villa are seven time champions, but the club dropped from the Premier League to the second tier in 2016. The club has lost a lot of money over the last two years. Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris are excited to work with Dr. Tony to assess and evaluate the club. They want to strengthen the structures and squads before the next season.

Nassef Sawiris is the richest person in Egypt according to Forbes. He heads one the world’s largest nitrogen fertilizer producers, OCI. He has holdings in Lafarge Holcim and adidas AG. He has been on adidas AG’s Board since 2016. His company, NNS, is a major shareholder in the US Private Equity firm, Bruins Sports Capital.

In 1984, Wes Edens earned his Bachelors Degree in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon State University. He is a co-CEO and co-founder of the global investment manager, Fortress Investment Group. He invests in the media, financial services, real estate, healthcare, transportation, and infrastructure. Edens is also one of the Milwaukee Bucks co-owners.

In 1998, Fortress Investment Group was founded with $400 million of assets, and it has grown to $40.9 billion. Before that time, Wes Edens worked for BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. and Lehman Brothers as a partner and managing director. The Wall Street Journal named Wes Edens the “New King of Subprime Lending” after Fortress Investment Group purchased Springfield Financial Services. It also purchased Centex Home Equity Company, LLC. This subprime mortgage lender is now called Nationstar Mortgage and it has Edens as is its chairman. Click here

The Rise of Fortress Investment Group in the Private Equity Industry

Over the years, private equity has gained tremendous influence in the current financial marketplace. Even so, few individuals understand the entire industry including its challenges. This article breaks down the subject by discussing private-equity including a prime example of a firm that that has excelled in the industry including what they do and how useful they are to clients.

What is Private Equity?

Private equity investment refers to direct investment into a company. It is often done to gain some level of influence over a firm’s operations. Moreover, private equity requires a large capital outlay, and that is why larger funds dominate the industry. The required amount of investment in private equity varies depending on a firm.

Fortress Investment Group is a Prime Example of a Private Equity Firm

From 1998 when it was formed, Fortress Investment Group has been setting an amazing trend in the sector of private equity. The company announced its first public offering when it was being listed in the New York Stock Exchange. Today, it is a leading diversified firm dealing in investment management and controls more than $43 billion of assets. The firm works with more than 1,700 investors in the industry of private equity.

Fortress Investment Group’s success is attributed to Wes Edens, Peter Briger, and Randal Nardone. The firm’s primary areas of expertise include:

  • Asset-based investing
  • Operations management
  • Capital markets
  • Corporate mergers

In asset-based management via private equity, the company delves into a diverse spectrum of assets including financial vehicles, and real estate. These create a long-term flow of income. The firm boasts of significant expertise in owning and managing financial assets.

In operations management, the company has created a strong system of tools that extract value from intricate investments. It also excels in managing structural as well as strategic issues affecting ordinary citizens.

For the two decades it has existed, Fortress Investment Group has become the primary manager of mergers and acquisitions. The management understands that clients have different needs. Therefore, it has developed a platform for these clients to enjoy different services. Even with Softbank Group acquiring the company, Fortress Investment Group continues to offer excellent services.

Sheldon Lavin Is The CEO Of OSI, A Very Successful Executive Who Has Expanded Internationally

Sheldon Lavin made not be the CEO of a company like Apple, Cisco, or IBM, but he has forty plus years in charge of OSI. OSI headquarters, which is located in Aurora, Illinois, was ranked in the top 100 wealthiest American-based food companies. OSI Group is a corporation that is recognized for its high level of quality and excellent business track record in many categories involving food. As Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has helped propel his firm to one of the top 100 American food companies in the U.S.

In 2016, OSI and Sheldon Lavin made several purchases of food-related businesses. In June 2016, OSI procured the Tyson Food plant. Sheldon Lavin’s firm bought this Tyson plant, which is located in Chicago for $74 million. A spokesperson for OSI noted that this Tyson plant, which involves a 200,000-square-foot locale, is situated in the Back of the Yards. OSI’s spokesperson also stated that the Tyson’s Food plant is close to OSI’s other facilities in Chicago, Illinois. This location is also very close and convenient for many of the employees, managers, and additional staffers at OSI.

Sheldon Lavin also made essential business deals to supply their beef to famous hamburger chain, McDonald’s. When McDonald’s decided to choose four beef suppliers during McDonald’s overhaul during Sheldon Lavin’s early tenure, OSI was able to boost its business and ride the wave of success along with McDonald’s. And as McDonald’s expanded internationally, so did OSI.

In addition, Mr. Lavin also once held the role of Chairman of the food company, Amick Farms. Lavin and OSI purchased this American poultry firm in 2006. While Lavin was the CEO of OSI Group, he and his additional executive team agreed to buy Baho Food in August 2016. The acquisition of this Dutch company was a crucial part of their corporate strategy by Sheldon Lavin and other executives like David McDonald, to bring this Dutch business into the fold to add more presence to Europe.

Included in this purchase of Baho Foods was a number of processing plants situated in both the Netherlands and Germany. The five subsidiaries companies that were involved in the Baho Food’s deal included Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Henri van de Bilt, and Gelderland Frischwaren. These five subsidiaries under Baho are essential food services situated in Europe. These subsidiaries support important food business networks located in 16 nations.

A look at one of Fortress Investment’s titans, Peter Briger

For a business to excel, especially in a crowded arena like asset management, it must come up with unique strategies that put it ahead of the others, and for this to happen, it must have a good management team. Looking at the current success of Fortress Investment group, there is no doubt that it possesses all these. Ever since its inception, its three principals continue to come up with strategies which have turned the firm into a leading light. The three, namely; Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, and Peter Briger utilize the strong risk-adjusted returns strategy which involves investing in areas that are considered highly risky.

For instance, ever since he joined Fortress Investment group, Peter has been heavily involved in the firm’s credit funds department, a sector which most investors tend to avoid due to the high risks involved. However, venturing into this arena has proven to be incredibly beneficial and has brought huge returns to Fortress. For example, Briger and his team successfully initiated a fund dubbed, Fortress Credit Opportunities IV, and effortlessly raised $4.7 billion for it. He has also helped expand the credit division team to about 300 employees. Thanks to leaders like Peter Briger, today Fortress Investment group oversees assets worth approximately $65 billion, and this figure continues to increase with each wake.

Even though the firm has had its shaky times, its good leaders have always been at the forefront of steering it out of the murky waters and into the good waters. It is thanks to this that their efforts continue to be rewarded handsomely. For instance, Peter Briger was ranked on the Elite Forbes magazine as one of the top 400 professionals of the year, a factor that saw him make an excellent name for himself and he also has a net worth of over two billion.

Peter Briger’s unmatched prowess can be attributed to his past experiences. Before joining Fortress, Peter had worked at Goldman Sachs &Co for a decade and a half. He specialized in undervalued and credit assets, a factor that made it easy for him to take over Fortress’s credit division.

Outside his career, Briger is heavily involved in charity work and sits as a board member and even director of various charity organizations. Together with two other Princeton alumni, Peter anonymously established a fund which was aimed at helping graduates from the facility set their path to self-sustenance by funding their startup ideas. He also sits as director of tipping point, a charity organization aimed at helping those who hail from poor backgrounds. Peter also supports Mother Nature which is why he contributed over $600 million for the conservation of New York’s central park.

Successes for OSI Group

Two recent articles from Chicago Patch highlight the success of OSI Group and its leadership. David McDonald is currently the company’s president and COO. He has over 30 years of experience just with OSI Group alone. He started out as a project manager straight out of college and quickly rose through the ranks. OSI Group is known internationally in the food industry. The company actually began as a humble butcher shop near Chicago.

Mcdonald also hails from the midwest, growing up on a farm and receiving a bachelor’s degree and in Animal Sciences from Iowa State University. He has made the company one of the most successful privately owned companies. He is still also highly invested in the midwest community. He has many philanthropic endeavors associated with ISU. He has played a significant role into the company’s expansion into China. OSI currently has facilities in 17 countries and is worth over 6 billion dollars. He believes the best business decisions are made by those that have direct contact with the customers and communities they serve.

Sheldon Lavin is the current CEO of OSI Group. He is committed to ensuring that OSI is a leader in sustainable food production. Their history of using cutting edge technology will assist them on this endeavour of sustainability. OSI has always prided itself on being an innovator in the food industry, Lavin has managed the company in some capacity since the 1970’s. He has always focused on how OSI could lessen its burden on the earth. This type of management has led the company to receive many awards in sustainability. To Lavin these type of awards are the hallmark on success in the field sustainability. OSI spends quite a large amount on money on research and development for more sustainable food production practices. This makes it a leader in the market of sustainability.

Innovations of Louis Chenevert

Louis is a successful businessperson and he formerly served as the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies. He has gained a great reputation over the recent years for his ability to bring innovation in the United Technologies firm. His entire career has been marked by hard work, determination, as well as dedication to bringing change in the field of entrepreneurship. Having acquired a degree in production management from the HEC Montréal Business School at the University of Montréal, Louis has employed his skills in business to help a significant number of firms achieve their goals.

Louis started his career at a general motor where he worked for 14 years. He later moved to Pratt & Whitney firm. Louis has gained vast experience in the field of entrepreneurship through the various roles he has served in firms in the country. Many people have applauded his admirable leadership skills, with a significant number of them striving to emulate his commitment and traits.

Louis joined the United Technologies firm in 2008 and he served in the firm for a long period before retiring. During his term at UTC, Chenevert proved to be an inventor through the notable changes he brought to the firm’s operations. His ability to employ the use of the modern technology in the operations of the firm also attracted the attention of many leaders, who strive to emulate him.

Besides, Louis has always put his employees at the forefront and being a good listener, he employed all the required strategies to ensure that they work in a conducive environment. The renowned businessperson also launched the Employee Scholar Program, with an aim of investing in his employees. The program enabled his team of employees to go for further studies to improve their skills. Through the program, Louis also catered for the financial and educational needs of his employees, and this served as a way to mentor them. His ability to mentor and motivate his team saw the UTC firm grow tremendously towards achieving its goals. The cooperation and teamwork exercised by his team of employees and executives also played a major role in making their projects a success.


Tony Petrello: Passionate About Providing Support For People In Need

Tony Petrello, CEO of oil and gas drilling company Nabors Industries, is a kind, caring individual and a generous philanthropist. He has given millions of dollars to a variety of charitable causes.

When Yale professor Serge Lang, under whose tutelage and mentorship Petrello had earned his BS and MS in mathematics, died, Tony Petrello gave the school $150,000 to set up a scholarship to memorialize him. Petrello also offered another $150,000 in matching funds for contributions others make towards the fund to honor Professor Lang.

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When Carena, the daughter Tony Petrello’s wife Cynthia bore him, was born prematurely and was found to have periventricular leukomalacia, New Jersey native Tony Petrello decided to give Texas Children’s Hospital $7 million in support of their efforts to build a facility to study and treat children suffering with neurological problems. In addition to his donation, Tony Petrello and his wife spearheaded the effort to raise the over $200 million needed to create what is known as the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. Thanks to the efforts of Tony Petrello, Texas Children’s Hospital has the first childhood neurological disorders research center in the world.

When Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston area in August 2017, Tony Petrello again showed his love and concern for people facing difficult circumstances. First, he gave large cash donations to a number of the organizations that were in the front line of trying to help victims of the hurricane to survive and get the medical, housing and other types of support they needed. Tony Petrello then matched the about $175,000 in donations employees of Nabors industries gave to hurricane relief efforts. Plus, with the support of CEO Tony Petrello, Nabors Industries created the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund to funnel money to assist people involved in the hands-on work of helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Nabors Industries also used their on-site kitchen to provide the 10% of their workers and the many other people impacted by the hurricane with 3 hot meals daily. This played an important role in helping people survive the devastation the hurricane had rained down on Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. The assistance Tony Petrello provided to help people in the community survive Hurricane Harvey and begin to rebuild their communities is further evidence of his passion for helping others. He has a decades long track record of providing help to people in need.

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