Alex Pall DJs Into the Big Leagues

If you are listening to the radio, you have heard “Closer”, a smash hit from the duo the Chainsmokers. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the minds behind the music. The two unlikely comrades met through a New York City manager, who thought the two would work well together. Taggart was interning at Interscope, while Pall was working as a New York City DJ. After meeting, Pall and Taggart’s electronic music hit the bigger stage, producing tracks like “Roses,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and “Closer.” The pair works well together because of their combined love of music, which takes them beyond the confines of the electronic music scene. They describe growing from the “Young and Free” vibe to one that they feel speaks about deeper, more relatable issues. The duo’s newfound joy moves beyond the electronic scene of DJing and features, creating complex songs that can speak to all demographics. “Closer” sprouts from this process, with Taggart describing putting his vocals onto the track and drawing from his relationships at his alma mater, Syracuse, to create the ex-lovers anthem. Adding Halsey to the track was the dynamite they needed for the smash hit. The two cite 2000’s emo bands such as Taking Back Sunday, which they used to hone the right feel for the song. Both of them feel that combining genres will help Pall and Taggart set themselves apart from their peers, moving them away from the typical DJ image of feature artists and electronic drops. The Chainsmokers are out to push boundaries, expand their listener reach to the entire globe, and be on the forefront of the music scene. Selling out shows at places such as the Red Rocks Amphitheater, as well as making waves outside of the United States, will take them on their way to achieving that goal.