Marc Beer and Renovia Secures Financing in Series B Funding Round

One of Renovia INC.’s co-founders, Marc Beer, was able to secure $32 million in series B funding round along with $10 million in venture debt for his medical technology startup. Beer; chairman and CEO leads the organization with profundity in developing businesses in the biotech and pharmaceutical devices and diagnostics field. He strives to develop products that can diagnose and nurse urinary incontinence. The disorder affects as many as 250 million women. Learn more:


The FDA approved leva, Renovia’s first product, back in April 2018. The Perceptive Advisors of New York, Ascension Ventures of Missouri, and the Longwood fund (an investing group that is back Renovia since its founding) all led the series B round of funding. The newly obtained funds allow for the progression and testing of four of Renovia’s products. Marc plans for the company too also create a new generation of Leva.


Before launching Renovia in 2016 with fellow founders Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie, Beer had over 25 years of experience in the biotech industry. Back in April of 2000, Marc became the Founding CEO of via sale, a biotech company that specialized in preserving, collecting, and developing umbilical cord blood stem cells. With Beer at the helm, the company grew to more than 300 employees and eventually acquired in 2007 by PerkinElmer. His time at Viacell was just one of the many companies he was involved in the development of. Beer’s resume includes involvement with Erytech Pharma(NASDAQ: ERYP), Genzyme, Abbott Laboratories(NYSE: ABT), Minerva Neurosciences INC. (NASDAQ: NERV), and Good Start Genetics to name a few.


Mark beer begin paying for his career as a lifelong leader In 1987 at Miami University where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in science and business. From that point on, beer has shown his ability to be at the forefront of the business operations. Marc currently serves as a member of the Miami Business University Advisory Council. Marc’s expertise has also been called upon by Notre Dame’s Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee as well as their Graduate Studies Research and Advisory Council. Throughout his career, Marc has become known as an excellent leader for companies looking to tackle some of the world’s most difficult problems.