Insights About Career Profile And Biography Of Brad Reifler

With decades of experience as an investor, Brad Reifler is a proud and fruitful business person based in the United States. He has worked in numerous companies as he gathered expertise and skills to start his business; the Forefront Capital, LLC. His professional career dates back on 1980s, where he started a trading company named after him; Reifler Trading Company.

Reifler Trading Company

In the beginning, Reifler Trading Company managed clients’ money in discretionary accounts. After several years, their services evolved to information dissemination, institutional research, execution, and global derivative advisory services. By 2000, Reifler Trading Company was among the leading independent futures company in the globe. Reifler sold the company to the world’s leading Futures Company, the Refco firm.

Pali Capital

Brad Reifler continued to expand his professional career in the finance industry. He went ahead to create Pali Capital. Founded in 1995, Pali Capital dealt with equity market, it is a sale broker-dealer. Reifler spearheaded the use of a much differentiated strategy in the hedge funds market.

His approach involved giving the clients the power to control what to buy or sell. He took their ideas and did an in-depth research in derivative structures and credit analysis. Reifler then taught his sales people how to execute the results.

Since founding the enterprise in 2009, Reifler has worked hard to provide a differentiated and diverse product portfolio. He has been able to partner with registered and influential investment bankers, advisors, and industry leaders.

Brad Reifler is a past trustee and chairman of the Millbrook School and Finance Committee respectively. He also served in the Wins Finance Holdings and the ITG Market Research as the director. Brad Reifler seats on the advisory boards of Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions, and American-European Investment firms.

He encourages those with experience and connections in their specialization to share their business relationships to enable each other grow. Brad is also a director of the Sino Mercury firm and Root Markets Corporation.