The RealReal Offers Vintage Luxury Items

Millions of women across the country are taking a second look at The RealReall which is a second hand shop. Also known in some circles as a thrift shop or consignment shop. The shop is considered a high end shop that offers designer clothing and accessories to women at a less expensive price than the original price. The RealReal has attracted thousands of women that simply love luxury items, but can’t afford the extravagant prices. The RealReal is also extremely popular on social media sites like Instagram. Drop by their Instagram page to view samples of their great luxury items.

What’s Popin’

If you really want to know what is hot at The RealReal, check out their Instagram pages. For example, did you know that the fanny pack is back with more style and class. One of the most viewed pictures on Instagram is a pink Gucci fanny pack that is the ultimate in designer fashion and luxury. Certainly, the fanny pack is not just for middle-aged men and women anymore. It is for people that have a flare for vintage fashion and style. This Gucci fanny pack is the perfect accessory for the business man or woman on the go around town. It is also a very appropriate accessory for anyone that is simply hanging out with friends and family. How about a retro Chanel bag that is in pink? Did you know that Chanel used 24K gold plated hardware up to 2008? Another reason to get your hands on this Vintage designer bag on The RealReal Instagram page. The RealReal has a very authentic selection of Fendi bags too. Fendi is what’s popin’ on the streets and on the runway. The RealReal guarantees that their Fendi and other designer bags are the real thing.

The fact is that shopping at consignment shops in the local community for luxury items is a passion for a wide variety of women. The RealReal makes it possible to shop online for the same items.