Is OSI Food Solutions The Better Solution in Food Services

OSI Food Solutions, a global food provider, is worth billions of dollars because of its many high-quality services. You are looking at a company that has a specialty for producing a boat-load of food as well as a specialty for handling the entire process of logistics. The logistics process can make or break a business, especially if it’s in the food industry. These food retailors will undoubtedly lose money if their products aren’t shipped on time. Since a high-majority of food retailors don’t produce their own foods, they’ll have to hire food providers to affectively handle this side of the business. Here is where OSI Food Solutions enter the frame. OSI Food Solutions take the stress away from the client by successfully handling this process in a thorough manner. In addition to that, OSI can handle processing, management and sourcing.

This company has truly gone global, and it epitomizes this term to the highest degree. OSI has up to 65 factories and facilities. In China alone, the company has at least 10 facilities. China’s upward-growing economy has benefited greatly from OSI. This foodservice juggernaut has been conducting business here for over 20 years, and it’s now the leading poultry producer. OSI has built a mega-plant in China’s Henan Province, and it has joint-venture deals with numerous Chinese companies. “China is a real focus of ours, and this place has the largest growing consumer market,” said David McDonald, president of OSI.

At OSI Food Solutions’ Spain location, a high-capacity production line was instituted to enhance the productivity needs of the market. This high-capacity production line has more than doubled the company’s productivity of chicken and beef. It is moves like this that has turned OSI Food Solutions into a huge success, and there will undoubtedly be more moves like this in the future.

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