Securus Technologies’ Anti-Drone Tech and Stevie Awards Are The Hot News Today

For those who always to want to find the best solutions for social problems, it is always the people’s needs and demands that should be valued first. In the case of Securus Technologies, the leading civil justice tech company today, it is through their high sense of value for drone security and protection that makes them one of the more advanced, less stagnating and highly innovative tech companies today.


The Attack of the Drones


No one has probably seen the advent of the threats of Drone Technology more intuitively than the people behind Securus Technologies. Sure, Securus has already been a leading company for tech-enabled solutions involving law enforcement and investigations for inmates’ officer’s security threats, but it was still not until recently that the company has found a new strategy to combat a new threat for civil justice in corrections facilities: drone techs. Right now, one of the biggest threats of drones is that they bring malicious items inside prisons. They hover around prisons and drop off drugs, guns, paraphernalia, and cellphones into such prisons. When this happens, there’s a high threat for the inmates and those who are working in the facilities. Given that there’s a buffer to combat these drones, then it would then be easy for these facilities to make them protected against illegal drone flyers.


Even if we say that we have enough guns in prisons to combat such drones, I believe the accuracy needed by the shooters might require more expertise. What seems better, according to Securus, is their antenna-based anti-drone technology that helps in preventing it from happening, instead of handling the damages it would have caused. The anti-drone technology in Securus’ line-up is so well-researched and sophisticated that it took the company many years and multiple millions of dollars just to get it right. However, I think there has to be a lot of precautions that should be set in place first before this anti-drone tech should be spread all over the country as a solution. There should be a trial and error to make sure that there are no hidden side effects that could resurface when the project is initiated. Right now, new methods and tactics are already set in place by Securus technologies to give a better guarantee that their anti-drone technology is as legit as it can be.


The Stevie Award


By the way, did you know that Securus just recently won the 2018 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service? The award came from the quality execution of the company in the way they handle customer issues and delivering the products of Securus that many of the government facilities would need. If anything, I believe such dedication to quality service of Securus is a testament to how much success the company would still have in the future.


Wireless Containment Curtails Inmate Contraband

Get Wireless Containment Features For A Correctional Facility


There has been an increase in inmate contraband that has led to the need of increased monitoring. Securus Technologies was one of the first inmate calling networks to respond to crime prevention. Their CEO and business professional Rick A. Smith has successfully contributed to their crime prevention initiatives. Smith believes, their technology will help stop correctional facility crimes beyond incarceration. Learn more about being a part of their confidential crime prevention by visiting their website for more details. Become a part of solving crime surprisingly, one customer at a time.


Securus Technologies CEO


Rick A. Smith has a combination of education and experience in the telecommunications industry. As a graduate of the State University of New York. He always encourages his executive team of professionals to give back to their customers with quality services. He believes in a customer oriented network with their customers at the forefront of most of their features. Find the features you need to build a reliable communication pathway for family and friends. Best of all, customers conversate over a reliable network with a stable connection that guarantees your connection and the safety of the general public.


Securus Wireless Containment Feature


You can stop the use of illegal cellphones with remote operating technology available through Securus. They were one of the first to minimize the threat of illegal cellphone use by designing proven technology. Law enforcement personnel will nit have to worry about service interruptions in the facility unless it’s specified by a facility. This creative technology has reduced the threat of contraband by 36%. Securus has been able to aid law enforcement personnel in the reduction of paperwork and helping the facility focus on important daily operations.


Preferred Securus Features


Remote Visitation


Visit online, if you have a friend or love one in a correctional facility. Customers pay a small fee, must be eighteen years of age or older, download the Securus app, and have a compatible device to visit. Remote visitation is one of their most popular features on their website.


Online Photos


Online photos allow inmates to receive up to 5 facility approved photos. Their family members and friends pay a small fee and can immediately send a maximum of five photos per submission. Your photos never have to take the long process of going through the mail.


If you’re interested in saving money, you can get many features you’ll be able to use unlike competitor networks. You cam speak to a friendly highly trained IT professional about more details on starting a new account, but Securus makes it as easy as calling their 80p number to be prompted through the process of registering for an account.


Securus Technologies is Revolutionizing the Corrections and Law Enforcement Communities

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company that specializes in detainee communications, government information management solutions, and parolee tracking services. The company was established in 1986. It has expanded beyond Dallas so far. It has regional offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Allen, Texas, and Carrollton. This company has established links with more than 2600 correctional facilities in North America. It currently serves more than 2200 facilities that collectively house more than a million inmates in the US, Canada, and Mexico.


I do not know of any other technology company that has a strong connection to correctional facilities like Securus Technologies. It is a recognized leader in the provision of innovative technological solutions. Securus has a close relationship with its customers. This company owes its success to its team of about 1000 staff. The team is revolutionizing the experience in many correctional facilities across the country.


Securus has controlled the number of contraband cell phones in correctional facilities through its innovative communication products. They will use the recently developed Wireless Containment Solution to monitor the contraband cell phone. One of its product known as Managed Access Solutions had been approved by more than five correctional facilities by the end of 2016. Securus introduced the ‘Cell Defender’ technology through a partnership with Harris Corporation in 2016. Securus has grown in size and product range over the years. Securus told the public that it had invested more than $600 million in improving its technology and acquiring more companies in 2016.


Richard A. Smith is the CEO and Chairman of Securus. He mentioned that the company develops at least one new product each week. I would not be surprised to imagine the level of impact that it has had in the correction and law enforcement sector with this trend. Most of the consumers who have used the technology solutions have lauded the company for making it possible to control illegal activities in jails. The prisons are now in better position to control the sale of drugs, alcohol use, and money laundering within the facilities. Some facilities reported that they have been able to identify corrupt staff who collude with inmates through the use of the technology.


Consumers have seen improvement in public safety with the help of Securus Technologies. The data catered through the system assist the investigating agencies to fasten and accurately complete their reports. The staff of correction facilities can now identify harassment or potential security threat within the prisons and society. A staff member said that he listened to a conversation between an inmate and family members. He added that one of the older siblings was coaching the inmate on what to say when interrogated about a shooting incident in the conversation. It is obvious that the officer got enough information to conclude the case.