Successes for OSI Group

Two recent articles from Chicago Patch highlight the success of OSI Group and its leadership. David McDonald is currently the company’s president and COO. He has over 30 years of experience just with OSI Group alone. He started out as a project manager straight out of college and quickly rose through the ranks. OSI Group is known internationally in the food industry. The company actually began as a humble butcher shop near Chicago.

Mcdonald also hails from the midwest, growing up on a farm and receiving a bachelor’s degree and in Animal Sciences from Iowa State University. He has made the company one of the most successful privately owned companies. He is still also highly invested in the midwest community. He has many philanthropic endeavors associated with ISU. He has played a significant role into the company’s expansion into China. OSI currently has facilities in 17 countries and is worth over 6 billion dollars. He believes the best business decisions are made by those that have direct contact with the customers and communities they serve.

Sheldon Lavin is the current CEO of OSI Group. He is committed to ensuring that OSI is a leader in sustainable food production. Their history of using cutting edge technology will assist them on this endeavour of sustainability. OSI has always prided itself on being an innovator in the food industry, Lavin has managed the company in some capacity since the 1970’s. He has always focused on how OSI could lessen its burden on the earth. This type of management has led the company to receive many awards in sustainability. To Lavin these type of awards are the hallmark on success in the field sustainability. OSI spends quite a large amount on money on research and development for more sustainable food production practices. This makes it a leader in the market of sustainability.